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We are delighted that you would like to be treated in Germany with one of the best health systems in the world.

We can support you in all areas.


Gecko Medical provides you with a treatment concept that is personally tailored to your needs based on your medical reports and X-rays.

Your medical documents will be discussed in Germany with professors for the relevant subject and the expected costs will be estimated. The cost plan is created transparently for you.


Gecko Medical accompanies you with the visa application, organizes your treatment and supports you in all areas during your stay in Germany.


Our partners are world-renowned university hospitals as well as treatment and rehabilitation facilities that are of highest quality.



Many foreign patients use the time after the treatment to get to know the beauties of Germany or the surrounding European countries.

Likewise, museums and musical theaters offer a wide range to bring you closer to the old and newer culture.


Would you like to learn more about our services?

Request more information material without obligation.

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